Producer/Composer/Arranger/Sound Engineer/Mix&Mastering Specialist

MAJOR ARTISTS OFFICIALY REMIXED/PRODUCED: Pitbull, Sean Paul, Fatman Scoop, Mr Vegas, Felix, East 17, Simone Angel, DJ Professor, Lady Shelly, Masterboy, Zucchero, Jovanotti, Gianni Morandi and many more.

MAIN PRODUCTIONS: 49ers, Fargetta, Zappalà, Molella, Corona, Gamba-Freak, Anticappella, Mars Plastic, Clock, Mig29, Dirty Mind, Sharada House Gang and Cappella, for which he wrote, arranged, mixed and produced some of the biggest world hits including "U Got 2 Know," “U Got To Let Music”, “Move On Baby "The Big Beat", "Take Me Away" and many more.

BIOGRAPHY Massimo Persona (Max Persona) was born in Italy, with music flowing through his veins, thanks to his family’s DNA. When he was only six years old, Max began his studies at the Conservatory of Verona with piano’s and keyboards, continuing in the following years with the study of drums and percussion.

When he was forteen, the sacred fire of music production was strong in him, and began writing the first songs and DJ’ing at parties, radios and local nightclubs.

He started his professionally brilliant career as a record producer in the late 80's, heating the dance-floors all over the world, in particular in the 90’s exploring music and collaborating to create the first Italian-House and Techno-House.

Max has written over 400 songs and has made more than 600 productions as a composer, arranger, producer, mixer & remixer. You can find his name is on over 4 million albums worldwide.

In his carreer, many of his records were on the top of the sales charts and Airplay in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Canada & USA.

Max appears on several Billboard charts and reviews, MixMag and MusicWeek, his productions have been published on well-known labels such as: A&M, Antler Subway, Atlantic, Atoll, Avex, BMG, Champion, Flarenash, FFRR, 4th & B'way, Guerillia, Internal, K-tel, London, MCA, Next Plateau, Polydor, Profile, PWL, Radical, Sony, Synthetic, X-clusive, ZYX amongst many.

He wrote and produced songs for important international artists such as 49ers, Fargetta, Zappalà, Molella, Corona, Gamba-Freak, Anticappella, Mars Plastic, Clock, Mig29, Dirty Mind, Sharada House Gang and Cappella, for which he wrote, arranged and produced some of the biggest world hits including "U Got 2 Know," "The Big Beat" and "Take Me Away".

Among the remixed artists he put his hands to: Pitbull, Sean Paul, Fatman Scoop, Mr Vegas, Felix, East 17, Simone Angel, DJ Professor, Lady Shelly, Masterboy, Zucchero, Jovanotti, Gianni Morandi and many more.

In 2003 he founded a Multimedia Agency specialized in video production, since then has devoted himself to this new passion and new media, developing new talents for the visual arts.

He is currently using his talent to produce, co-produce, mix and master for many artist around the world.

"The Best Is Yet To Come!".

Main Tracks


  • ''D.J. Play My Beat Now!'', The Gas

  • ''Love Can Do'', Blue Tattoo, rilasciata in Italia, Francia, Germania, Paesi Bassi, Spagna, Giappone

  • ''Love That Body'', Dr Money


  • ''Black Power'’, Maio & Co.

  • ''Senorita'', con Dr Money

  • ‘'Why Did You Say I'm Sorry'', Vanessa

  • ''Lean On Me'', Danny Keith

  • ''Hold On'', Danny Keith

  • ''What Kind Of Cure'', Lou Grant

  • ''Sex Heroes'', Lou Grant

  • ''Love In Chinatown'', Tommy K.

  • ''Desperado'', Tommy K.

  • ''Are You Ready'', Toby Ash, n°1 In Japan (Beat Freak)


  • ''Take Me Away'', Cappella, n° 9 Club Chart Record Mirror; n°5 DJ Directory Nightlife10 (BBC1); Rewiews: DMR, Billboard, Street Sound, DJ Directory.

  • ''Move Your Feet'', 49ers

  • ''2√231'', Anticappella, n.6 MixMag Sales Charts; n.10 RecordMirror Club Chart - n.1 Radio Dee JayItalia, n.4 Nightlife10 DJ Directory; n.14 Top 60 Dance Single - MusicWeek; n:26 Top 75 Single MusicWeek. Rewiews: DJ, MixMag (5*) Record Mirror, Street Sound & DJ Directory.

  • ''We need freedom'', Anticoh, n.1 Radio Dee Jay Italia, n.1 Spagna, n.1 ''Dance Airplay Music & Media.''

  • ''Mig 29'', Mig 29, n.10 Billboard Hot Dance Music; Reviews: StreerSound, Record Mirror, MixMag (4*).

  • ''We Gotta Do It", D.J. Professor, REMIX


  • ''U Got 2 Know'', Cappella, n°1 Top 60 Dance Single Music Week; n°2 European Dance Radio Top 25 Music Media; n°2 Dance Update RecordMirror; n°4 Buzz Chart MixMag; n°9 MixMag Club Chart; n°22 Top 75 Single MusicWeek; Rewiews: DRM, Billboard, StreetSound, DJ Directory.

  • ''Got 2 be free'', 49ers, n°7 Street Sound; n°22 MIxMag Club Chart

  • ''The music is movin'', Mario Fargetta, n.19 Hot Dance Billboard; Rewiews: MixMag (5*), StreetSound (5*)

  • ''Free'', Molella, Rewiews: MixMag (4*)

  • ''No way out'', Francesco Zappalà, Rewiews: BillBoard, StreetSound.

  • ''Libera L’Anima'', Jovanotti, ''REMIX''


  • ''U Got 2 Let the Music'', Cappella, n°1 Dance Single MusicWeek; n°2 Top 75 Single MusicWeek; n°2 Sales Chart Mixmag Dance; Rewiews: Mixmag.

  • ''Everything'', 49ers, n°5 RecordMirror Club Chart; n°6 Top Dance DJ Magazine; Rewiews: Music & Media, DJ Magazine.

  • ''Music'', Mario Fargetta, n.6 Top 60 Dance Single MusicWeek, n:8 MixMag Dance Sales Chart, n.19 Club Chart Record Mirror

  • ''Find the way'', Mars Plastic, n.12 Club Chart RecordMirror; Recensioni MixMag (4*)

  • ''Dancing through the night'', Sharada house Gang, n.27 DJ Dance Chart, 85 ’93 RecordMirror Club Chart; Rewiews: DJ.

  • ''I say a little prayer'', David Michael Johnson, n.24 MixMag Club Chart

  • ''Don’t You Want Me'', Felix, REMIX

  • ''West End Girls'', cover del brano dei Pet Shop Boys, East 17, REMIX

  • ''Let This Feeling'', Simone Angel, REMIX

  • ''Povero Cristo'', Zucchero, REMIX

  • ''Banane e lampone'', Gianni Morandi, REMIX


  • ''The big beat'', Cappella, n°1 Beat Freak Japan.

  • ''I Keep Lovin' You'', Loree Williams, n.13 Discothecontrol France.


  • ''It's so cool'', Mimosa, Licenses: France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia, Israel, South Africa

  • ''Love me forever'', D-stressed, Licenses: France, Spain, Portugal, Gas, Benelux, Scandinavia, Israel, South Africa, Japan, Canada, Brazil, The Gulf States, South East Asia

  • ''More than this'', One Nation feat Victory, Licenses: Spain, Portugal, GAS, Benelux, Scandinavia, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South East Asia

  • ''Heaven'', One Nation feat Victory, Licenses: Spain, Portugal, Benelux, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Australia

  • ''Dance your funky'', Pagany feat. Shannen, Licenses: UK, France, Israel, Japan, Canada - Goals: UK; 15th position in the English Club Charts

  • ''One more time'', Base 1, Licenses: Benelux, South Africa, Canada, Australia

  • ''Running up that hill'', Levy 9, Licenses: UK, USA, Benelux, France, Spain, Scandinavia, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, GAS. South East Asia, Canada, Argentina - Goals: France; 20th position in Mediacontrol Club Charts (29/07/96).

  • ''X-File Theme'', Triple X, Licenses: France, Spain, Scandinavia, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Australia. - Goals: - France; 34th position in the Single French Sales Charts with 17 weeks in the French and 37.000 singles sold. - Australia; 1st position in the Australian Singles Charts and Platinum Record


  • ''Looking for somebody'', Love Liquid feat. Barry Stewart, Licenses: France, Scandinavia, South Africa, Australia

  • ''Gimme Your Love'', Loree Williams


  • ''Girls just wanna have fun'', Happy Nation, Licenses: U.K., France, Spain, Gas, Benelux, Scandinavia, Israel, Brazil.


  • ''Break it on down'', Boyz 3, Licenses: U.K., France, Gas, Brazil, Australia


  • ''Down Down Down'', Gambafreaks, n°1 U.K. Dance Chart - Licenses: France, Spain, U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Benelux.

  • ''Soul Bossanova'', 12 Inch. Masters, Licenses: Jap, Esp, Usa, Canada.

  • ''These boots are made for walking'', Velvet 99, Licenses: Usa, Canada, Benelux, Brazil, Israel.


  • ''R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Is What I Ask)'', Happy Nation, ZYX Music

  • ''You Know (Left In The Middle Of The Right)'', Lady Shelly, ISBA Music Entertainment Inc.


  • ''Video Killed The Radio Star'', B 80, Vale Music

  • ''In My House'', House Culture

  • ''Be Your Lover'', Marena

  • ''My 1st Ep'', Biotech


  • ''On The Road / It's Funky Punk'', Funky Punk, UMM

  • ''Got to be free'', Sigo

  • ''You Can't Touch'', Mondotondo

  • ''My 2nd Ep'', Biotech


  • ''Fall Into The Future'', Galaexia, NoiseMaker

  • ''They Need A War'', Deborah Haslam, Inside, Media Records

  • ''Inside My Music'', Ken Laszlo, Inside, Media Records

  • ''Bate forte o coração'', Escondido feat. Rivane

  • ''Just feel the beat'', Maxmatrix


  • ''Through The Night'', Various, Nukleuz Presents... Hard Beat : The Second Coming ‎(CD, Mixed + CD, Comp), Nukleuz

  • ''Natasha'', Smoking Kills vs. Jois, Sounds Good

  • ''We Chante'', Solarys, Ego


  • ''FILA Ski Compilation'', Various, (CD, Comp, Promo, Sli) Good Ear

  • ''Escondido - Enamorada'', House Bros, Le Bien Et Le Mal

  • ''Hot Summer'', B-aNgel, Persona Music


  • ''Come to me'', Sindy, Persona Music


  • ''Fight for Your Fantasy'', Max Persona, Alex De Magistris


  • ''Party Tun Up Remix'', Mr Vegas, Sean Paul, Fatman Scoop, Dance mix by Max Persona & De Magistris


  • ''Stay Lalala'', Mikki Jaydee Ft. Denixe


  • ''My jam'', Mr. Vegas feat. Pitbull, REMIX


  • ''Vivo la Vida'', Matteo Borghi, Radio Mix


  • ''Bello Bello Bello'', Gianluca Pannullo

  • ''Tiny Hearts'', Alex De Magistris feat. Arianna Loray

  • ''Damela Ya'', Enfor, Don Kilo, Lady London, Deivy Moreno


  • ''Moving'', Love Regenerator, Eli Brown, Calvin Harris

  • ''I Can Live Without You'', Jinevra, Enfor

  • ''Y.O.G.A. - (You Only Go Ahead)'', Giorgia Backey, Enfor

  • ''Leave a light on'', ALWA

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