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Leave a light on, ALWA's new song produced by Max Persona, is out on Friday 10 July.
This song is the result of the union and mingling of dance atmospheres and folk-inspired melodic and harmonic lines. A mix that therefore creates a unique sound and which, combined with a very dynamic development, makes the piece extremely engaging for both the ear and the mind.
It is a piece with a positive but lively energy, reminiscent of the good times spent with friends during the hot summers of Ibiza, made up of stories, parties and lots of fun.
Leave a light on offers a pleasant, stimulating and energizing listening, transporting you to a summer atmosphere, energetic but at the same time relaxing and carefree. A blast from the past in the best memories but also a preview of new adventures.
The piece fully embodies the personality of Nicolás Hernán Paoletti, aka ALWA, born in 1990 in the Argentine city of Santa Fè and moved to Italy with his family at the age of 11. Nicolàs was passionate about music since he was a child and in his life he explored and became passionate about the most varied musical genres, from cumbia, to English punk / rock until he found his true passion, that is a music between the club and the commercial, taking as a reference the well-known DJ Avicii. Nicolàs therefore finds the right way to express his positive personality in his songs, and from 2018 he begins his production characterized by the synergies between piano and guitar, under the name of ALWA, as well as "land" in the language of the Toba, the original tribe of his land of origin.

Leave a light on is therefore an ALWA song produced by Max Persona, with decades of experience in music production.

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