Out on Friday 17 July, I Can Live Without You, the new and first single from Jinevra, produced by Max Persona in collaboration with Enfor.
With a strong Pop soul and an intense and energetic harmonic-melodic structure, this song is a hymn to independence and freedom aimed at all those who have a complicated relationship behind them.
I Can Live Without You, literally "I can live without you", is an invitation to turn the page after a love breakup, to be able to travel new paths that life will present in the future.
A piece therefore to leave behind the suffering of the past and give life to a new beginning in a positive way.
The author of this autobiographical piece is Jinevra, an Italian Pop composer, born in Verona in 1993. She From an early age she became passionate about singing and music, learning to play the guitar by herself at the age of 14. Jinevra then began her career as a member of several bands, including Jansheer, an indie rock group that produces two albums. After her dissolution, the artist decides to continue her career as a soloist and in 2019, participating in a contest, she meets Max Persona, who immediately notices Jinevra's talent and decides to support her in her artistic path.

Max Persona has in fact belonged to the world of international music production for many years, and has produced this piece in collaboration with Enrico Forante, better known as Enfor, Italian DJ and producer. The union of the experience of Max Persona with the energetic but relaxed sound of Enfor turned out to be ideal for the realization of this new song.

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