"Damela Ya" on line the new single Latin Urban produced by Max Persona.
The song that sees the collaboration of two important producers is released today: Enfor and Don Kilo with the featuring of Deivy Moreno and Lady London.

The idea was born from the meeting between Enfor, DJ and producer, and Don Kilo, producer and composer, who blend together their different influences and musical styles.

Enfor starts from a dubstep latin beat genre that transforms into latin urban thanks to the contribution of Don Kilo and the collaboration with a Dominican singer and rapper of trap, reggaeton and electronic merengue music, met by Don Kilo during his travels: Deivy Moreno.

With the project underway, Don Kilo discovers a talented rapper on the rise who has over 250 thousand followers on Instagram and 42 million views with the song "Chase". Lady London, aka Zaire Stewart American hip hop artist, was immediately involved in the musical production that led to the creation of the hit "Damela Ya".

The Latin Urban song with the artistic production of Max Persona, with the management of astralmusic, is a Latin-inspired hit with trap and reggaeton nuances, a seductive piece from the first listen ready to be beaten by the radio and with a beat that pushes towards the dance floor.

Damela Ya is on radio rotation and available from 29 November on the main digital stores.

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